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Providing educational and missional opportunities.

 Canvassing Program 2020


Intensive, 10 week Literature Evangelism Program.

Fully catered & structured. Students are encouraged to attend for the full program, but may attend for shorter segments.

For Who?

Any young person (15+) who would like to experience front-line mission work with a vibrant team of like-minded young people.





More Info on the Canvassing Program

The Literature Evangelism (canvassing) program is an opportunity for youth and young adults to experience front-line mission work here in Australia. Presenting our books of truth to the people is the very work the Lord would have us do at this time in world history.


  • Central Coast (canvassing): Dec 1 - Jan 23
  • Armidale/Tamworth (canvassing): Nov 24 - Jan 23
  • PLUS AYC: Jan 24 - 26
  • PLUS LE Advance: Jan 27 - Feb 2

No up-front fee is required to attend the program. Students receive a commission of donations raised, minus book, food and fuel expenses.

What is Literature Evangelism?
Literature Evangelism is all about making a difference in communities through books that promote health, Christian family values, the good news of the gospel and prophecy.

The top priority of the program is to leave books with as many people as are willing to read them. Books are left with people on a donation basis. Donations cover book costs, program costs and help out the student canvassers.

Going door to door doing this kind of work is an excellent form of missionary work and great preparation for anyone wanting to devote their life to God in ministry service.

Extras to Bring
The book "Colporteur Ministry" 
Sleeping mat and bedding

We would like to extend an invitation to all interested youth and young adults to fill in an application. We look forward to working with you.

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Literature Evangelist Advance

January 27 - February 2

What Is It?

The LE Advance (we shouldn't be retreating right 😀) is a week-long retreat, designed for networking with other ministry-minded young people and young adults, and to help advance literature evangelism in Australia.

Join us for inspiring messages, some hiking recreation, awesome fellowship with other LEs and more!


Location: TBA


  • FREE for those attending at least 4 weeks of the canvassing program
  • FREE for anyone who has been a youth leader at Music or D'Sozo Camp
  • Otherwise $250 per person (includes all meals & accommodation)

Please note that there is no cost to attend the canvassing program (as in past years).


  • Inspiring talks from canvassing pioneers, leaders and evangelistic individuals.
  • Training sessions
  • Hiking and outdoor recreation
  • Fellowship and networking with ministry minded youth
  • Q&A and discussion panels
  • Group forum
  • Brainstorming
  • Time on the doors

For Who: Anyone with an evangelistic passion! Attendees younger than 15 need adult supervision.

Registrations are limited



665 Upper Rollands Plains Rd
Rollands Plains, NSW 2441



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